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Just Draw the F*cker. A drawing of what we’d like to happen.


Draw a picture – a map – of your current situation, and use to think about what’s happening, and why things may change in the future.

Einstein was a bit wrong. Keep trying the same thing until it works.

Doing the same thing again and expecting a different result” isn’t necessarily insanity

Einstein was wrong. “Doing the same thing again and expecting a different result” isn’t necessarily insanity.

Enough of a Theory of People to get you started.

Theory of People

Simple ideas you can use in real time to work out what might be going on in your head.

Forget the Organisation, you are the only person you can change

Change and Transformation starts and stops with yourself.

Calling yourself out

When we see dickery – or anything else we don’t want – in ourselves, holding ourselves to the right sort of account helps.

The Surprising Power of Having Names for Stuff

We notice what we have a name for. When we have a name for a new thing we can say the unsayable.

The Surprising Power of Live Action Role Playing

Go all in with live action role playing

If we notice something we do and decide we want to change it we can use the larp theory of change, choosing to do what someone else might do.

The Surprising Power of Pointing at Drawings

A Simple guide to being curious

How to be curious about yourself and others can be learned. It’s simple but not easy..

What are safe spaces (good for)?

Safe Spaces can get a bad rep. From ‘Stays in Vegas’ to ‘Chatham House’ and ‘On a plane with Mike Tyson’, there are different types of safety with different uses.

What do you think of this mess? Getting the feedback you want. Getting the feedback you want.

Cake or Death?

Looking at all the different types of feedback, working out what each is good and bad for and then finding out how we can ask for the right sort of feedback

What’s the worst that could happen?

What to expect when you start doing less dickish things. It’s not all roses.

Appendix Work isn’t working

Overview: Work isn’t working

Appendix Sleeve Notes The Library