Hello! I’m Mike.

I do loads of stuff. You’re here for something. Here’s what I do. If I do something you like get in touch.

Be less of a dick, more of the time!

Be less of a dick, get a sticker*

I’m drawing cartoon guide to getting the behaviour change you want.

The Table of Contents sets out the whole thing and I’m adding to the chapters. Feedback would be ace. I’ve drawn a map of how it all hangs together….

User Journey Visuals

I help people make sense and visualise things to see perspectives, decisions, feedback, emotions and issues that can occur in

  • Students experience
  • Business Clients
  • Service Users
  • Medical Processes
  • Crafting Organisational Strategy

See my portfolio and the problems visualisations solve. I generally use short words, simple concepts and wonky cartoons.

Just Draw the Thing Manifesto

While text only documents and conversations can transfer meaning in many contexts, visualisations can have much greater success when sharing information between people.

Just Draw the Thing Manifesto is a set of ideas and tools to help us go from a blank page to having a visualisation that can be used to share ideas.

Fix Your Own @£!# Problems

The core of my approach is the knowledge we can fix our own problems, just maybe not by ourselves. This apparent paradox shows up when we can give better advice to others than we can give ourselves. And how we find we have the resources to do something only when we need them.

I can tap into that knowledge and work out what you know.

While I’m an expert in what I do, you’re the expert in your stuff. Unless you explicitly ask, I’m not here to advise – I’m here to work with you to make sense of stuff and get stuff done.